I'm letting go and scraping the barrel...for your pleasure!

Today I have decided that I am going to publish the unfinished/self censored posts on here. It's stupid to have all these drafts...i mean, really.

This goes to say, if you see clutterbrained, unfinished posts from now on, I did it for you, my babies. YOU!

It's getting crafty in here!

So, now that the weather's getting cooler, I find myself delving back into my 'winter crafts' as AK47 likes to call them. You know, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, anything with a needle of some sort and thread. The thing is, I've been addicted to making resin pieces all summer; I've even been turning a profit off of them! Needless to say, the whole time I'm crocheting I'm thinking about resin, bails, bezels, and on and on...

That turned my mind to winterizing resin! I have saved thousands and thousands of feet of approx 28 gauge fine copper wire from work, and decided it's time to start with the crocheting already...

Here's the first try. I've got that bitch laced in like there's no tomorrow. Yet I love her:

Then I tried working smaller...pretty, simple, yet somehow not pretty simple:

Then I tried silver, which seems to be more appealing across the board:

Then I got friggin fancy, cause that's how I roll:

I love getting my craft on! Now don't go getting fussypants about the picture quality. I am well aware that they are mediocre at best, but I was getting antsy about sharing. It seem's that I am becoming more and more the instant gratification type.