Stop this train!

It's friggin 2009. What?!?

That is damn ridiculous. I am not altogether sure as to where this year disappeared to, but I have a feeling I'm going be relishing the lingering aroma of '08 for some time to come.

This year I actually made resolutions...not many, but some (that's a huge step, babies. HUGE)

-Take notice of the f bombs that fly out of my mouth and attempt to defuse them before they land. I am not uneducated, nor am I plain dumb. Also, I am not disrespectful by nature. Plus I am rarely at a loss for words with a burning need to fill an awkward gap with random four letters. So there. I'm gonna curb the poopymouth.

-Become highly skilled at one of the many art/crafty things that I do for the love of it. I consider myself a jane of all trades, mastress of a couple. I'd like to increase that to mastress of a few this year.

-Stop blowing cash on bs that satiates me now, and work harder toward home ownership. That's the gift that keeps on giving, sweeties. We all deserve to pay our own mortgage rather than our landperson's. Plus then we can paint how we want. And tear out crappy stuff and build rad shit!

....That said, Happy '09. May it slap your ass and call you (vegan) jello!