Today is the Day

I have been thinking about starting a blog for some time now. It seems like the perfect way to to process. It's quite fitting, really, as I spend all day with machinery (I am a field service tech) and rarely do I interact with people. Therefore, I work out my quandaries using productions/conversations/monologues for and with the pieces of machinery on which I work. Seems absurd, but once the inevitable world robot domination happens, at least I'll be able to speak the language of our captors.

A little about me...I am a 30-ish dyke living with my sweetie of 5 years, a depressive (read: not depressing) artist who inspires, infuriates, worries, and captivates me every day. I am an artist in my own right, or so she tells me. Outsider to the extreme, I say. I cannot draw, paint, I have barely an eye for photographic composition. I make. Sew, build, weld, fold, tear, churn, hurl, nurture, and train. I used to write, but I stopped some time ago when an ex found old journals, stories and poems and used them violently against me. Stopped cold.

This blog is an experiment. Hope we enjoy the ride.


Jigsaw Youth said...

i'm so glad you started one! you're awesome & i'm adding you to my blog list, so you better keep this up!

Jigsaw Youth said...

ha, i just realized this was posted 5 months ago...time for an update!