New Tattoo!

As you can see by the above photo and title of the blog, I got a new tattoo! Back in April, the 9th to be exact, I bought my sweetie (AK47) a tattoo machine. Up until recently, she's been practicing on grapefruits, her skin, and shading old outlines of mine. This is the first tattoo she's given me from stencil up.

This is a design of mine, simple as it is. I used an Iron Maiden inspired font, 80's metalhead that I am, it seemed quite fitting. Probably when we touch it up, I'm going to fill in the lettering with the color of the star. I love light outlines and dark filling.

The word veg*n is a play on vegan/vegetarian. It shows my veggie struggle toward veganism. I try and try, but it's a commitment that I haven't been able to throw myself into long term (stupid shitty coffee creamer and delicious goat cheese.) I am trying to come to terms with my constant struggle, tell myself that it's okay to be veggie and lean toward vegan. It's the small steps that build up to the giant leap, right?

Anyways, I'm probably going to be getting another tattoo today, well tomorrow since it's not after midnight yet...

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Jigsaw Youth said...

that's awesome! yeah, veganism is hard. i was a vegan in high school for about a year & ended up getting really sick. i didn't really know how to eat & the right way to be vegan so it was just bad news. my anemia got tons worse. but anyway, congrats on the new tattoo & good luck with giving up cheese! haha