You wish I had gas!

Well! There's all sorts of excitement going on here in the AVL: some good, some bad, some eh.

The good:

September 12, As soon as I got off work, I hurried home, changed and showered, tossed our shit in the car and drove to Gatlinburg, TN. Some of you may recognize that date. September 12. Read on, and I'll get to it. So we drove to Gatlinburg (on the way out of town, we noticed that there were people piled into every gas station in town (foreshadowing, see The Bad) Sooo, we roll into GBG and up to the house that our soon to be new friends had rented for the week. Walked up the stairs and received the warmest welcome we've had in a damn long time. Hugs, Kisses, Shots, Smokes, you name it! The reason for this excursion? CashOut*08. Yes. Our 5th annual memorial party for Mr. Johnny Cash. This is the date he died. So a revolving bunch of our friends get together at various places (the venue changes every year) for a bender of epic proportions. We get Tshirts, Liquor, Fantastic Food! I'll not go into details, but let me just say we listen to JC for a minimum of 24 hours (collectively we own it all, I think) and ATTEMPT to do a shot every time someone gets taken out in song.

The Bad:

As you all know, Hurricane Ike rolled thru the Gulf the weekend of the 12th. On our way out of town, we noticed the gas stations were filled to the rim with people trying their damndest to get gasoline for their vehicles, lawnmowers, buying all the cans off the shelves and filling them, going from station to station to get more. Having never ha

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